Tower Colocation

Servacus offers a wide range of colocation services including towers, single servers, partial rack services all the way up to bespoke dedicated suites.

Tower Colocation
Tower Colocation

Colocation Configuration
  • Contract:

    Please choose whether you would like to opt for a month-to-month contract, or an annual contract.

  • Power(A):

    Please choose the amount of power in Amps you require.
    If you're looking at quarter rack or higher this can be split up between servers.
    If you are unsure about the power consumption of your server(s) please contact us before placing an order.

  • Power Sockets:

    Please choose the number of power connections you require.
    Each power socket is a remote reboot ports which is a remotely controled.
    Should your server lock this gives you the ability to drop the power remotely to restart your server.

  • Network:

    Please choose the type of network connection you require.

  • Transfer:

    All servers are connected to our highspeed network, choose how much transfer/bandwidth you require.
    With Quarter racks or higher tha Transfer is split between all servers in your rack.

  • Network Connections:

    Please choose the number of network connections you require.
    Don't forget any DRAC or iLO connections you may require or Management Ports.

  • Extra IP Addresses:

    1 IP Included IP(s) are provided for free. How many other IP Addresses do you require?
    IP Blocks larger than 8 (/29) will require justification on ordering.

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