Service Level Agreement

We offer a 48 hour hardware replacement. Depending on the service such as Colocation you may be charged for standard hardware value unless communication between Servacus and Client decides otherwise.

During open business hours, we guarantee a 3-hour response time to all ticket requests submitted to any department, and a 6 hour response time to any technical request submitted during any out of hours period.

We guarantees that your service will remain accessible 100% of the time, this covers power, cooling and power availability. For hardware maintenance or in the event a technician needs to perform modifications, patches or alterations to your system to ensure stability, a minimum of 48 hours notice will be issued to you. For emergency maintenance or critical security patches, a minimum of 1 hour notice will be published.

Our 100% accessible guarantee does not include DDoS Attacks or attacks out of Servacus control. Migitation is provided with your service and automated Mitigation remains in place 24/7.

Percentage Outage Time Credit Amount
100% 0m - 5m 0 Hours
99.95% 5m - 25m 6 Hours
99.75% 25m - 1h 50m 12 Hours
99.50% 1h 50m - 3h 40m 24 Hours
99.25% 3h 40m - 5h 30m 1 Week
99.00% 5h 30m - 7h 18m 2 Weeks
< 99.00% 7h 18m or longer 1 Month

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