Edge Firewall

Servacus Edge Firewall

Servacus uses PATH.net for both always-on filtering and an Edge Based Firewall.

As standard our clients are placed directly onto the internet with a WAN IP address, an optional software firewall can be configured by clients and this is suitable for most customers.

We do however provide the option of an edge firewall allowing clients to manage rules directly from within the billing area 24/7/365 without the need of data centre staff to be involved.

We highly recommend the edge firewall for clients looking to manage rules to protect specific ports or hide external facing tools such as iLO or iDRAC.

Compare Servacus DDoS Protection with Other Solutions

Servacus vs Others Solutions


Edge Firewall Self-Manager


Per IP Address


  • 24/7/365 Full Access.
  • Specific Filters per IP.
  • DDoS Protection Plus Included.

DC Managed

On-Request Firewall Changes


Not all providers are free!


  • They're not always free.
  • Tickets Required for changes.
  • Less control over changes.

DC Hardware Firewall

Monthly Cost, More Control


Long term contracts


  • Limit on hosts behind firewall.
  • Limit on number of rules.
  • Limited by uplink capability.

Your Hardware Firewall

Full Control, Uses Space


Upfront Cost!


  • Uses Physical Colocation U's.
  • Limited by uplink capability.
  • Inaccessible during attacks.

PATH.net DDoS Protection Plus Included!

All clients using Edge Firewall also gain access to extended DDOS Protection and Filters with an always-on filtering of 7+ Tbps.

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