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Affordable, Reliability & Connectivity

We’re Servacus, a UK colocation provider based in Northamptonshire.
We’re dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions that you can trust.

When you choose colocation with us, you’re choosing an expert service that prioritises security, uptime, and customer experience. We’re also environmentally conscious, using 100% green energy. Servacus has grown to house large clients from around the world, providing services with 99.99% SLA and powerful DDoS Protection.

Our Data Centre is optimised to deliver the best conditions for colocation, including the highest levels of internal and external security. Our team are on hand to offer support and guidance through our support ticket system, and our remote hands service allows us to take care of any problems or upgrades for you.

We offer a completely transparent service with no hidden fees, with the added ability to customise your requirements to your unique needs. Not to mention, we offer a free racking service to get you all set up within 24 hours.

If you’re interested in becoming a client, get in touch with our team today!


Account Managers

Every client is provided with an account manager, they're able to help with anything needed.


Unlimited Tickets

We have no limit on the amount of tickets you can open.. We aim to resolve all tickets within 6 hours.


Free Setup

No matter a single server to racks each service offers a free racking & setup within 24 hours.


No Hidden Fees!

We aim to be fully transparent with all clients, if you ever have a question get in touch!


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